EXEM Space

Feel Close To Nature. Get Connected Naturally.

2023 the 41st Seoul Architecture Award

2023 Korean Institute of Architects Award

EXEM Magok Office is a building with 2-storey underground parking area and 8 floors above ground, and a total floor area of about 14,876㎡. It is a creative space with love for nature and people. It’s been 23 years since the foundation of EXEM. There had been so many ideas and sparks when it comes to ‘how we are going to build the brand new EXEM Magok Office Building?’, eventually we can proudly say that it is the exact result that combines EXEM employees’ dreams.

EXEM Magok Office inherently contains the value of 'Connection'. This is the intention of designing so that people's chance encounters can continue from the architectural planning stage. Moreover, all executives and employees here will continue to innovate by providing products and services to customers while growing creatively.

Space Concept


Vertical Limitations are Solved Horizontally.

The disconnected structure of layered separation prevents the employees from getting together. We designed a large void on the middle floor of the building and connected the intended empty space with an X-shaped staircase and a Y-shaped bridge to integrate the entire workspace, enabling frequent communication and move from different floors.

Openness and Concentration, Coexist!

Connection and separation coexist in EXEM Magok. The open structure of each floor maximizes chance encounters among employees to encourage active relationships, while appropriately creating a private space that considers the diverse personalities of employees to express openness and concentration.

Soak Up Nature,

Natural light and water elements infuse our workspace, seamlessly integrating an indoor forest. The top-floor in-house cafeteria, surrounded by a terrace garden, lets employees unwind in nature's embrace under warm light, fostering a serene atmosphere.

Space Story

An Extraordinary Space in Your Ordinary Life

Dynamic Louvers,
Shifting Perspectives.


A portion of the building is adorned with aluminum louvers, and they are strategically angled, a configuration determined through rigorous solar radiation testing. Since the main façade is facing west, the direction of the aluminum louvers was turned at 45 degrees, blocking sunlight from the west and securing a view to the northwest. Aluminum louvers on the exterior walls efficiently block solar radiation, enabling energy savings when regulating indoor temperatures, unlike buildings that rely on curtains to block sunlight.

An Electric Louver,
A Brand-new Experience.


In order to give the building a sense of openness, electric louvers are installed on the elevation of the 6th floor. The folded-up shape resembles the eaves of a hanok(한옥), and opens inward like a window. When the louver is closed, it gives continuity to the exterior, while when you open it, the interior space communicates with the outside, creating a lively image that gives dynamic movement rather than a static building.

Module X,
The Symbolization of EXEM.


The cross section of the louver is in the shape of an X, which symbolizes EXEM, and a mold was created exclusively for EXEM and used to make the louver. The X-shaped module is a facade formed by combining basic modules, representing that data is combined to form a data cloud.

Radiant Sunlight,
Illuminating the Lobby.


When you enter the EXEM lobby, you'll notice a seamless water feature merging indoor and outdoor spaces, illuminated by scattered natural light. A melodic tune from a hybrid piano fills the lobby, enhancing the serene ambiance, providing a unique experience for employees and visitors.

Within Another Picture.


The expansive window frames the garden like a picturesque painting. When viewed from the lobby, it portrays a lively natural scene blending seamlessly with the indoor artificial landscape. The external garden features tranquil landscaping, utilizing pews and gabions for a serene ambiance.

A Multi-functional Hub.


Philinnovator Hall boasts a 300-inch large screen and flexible seating arrangements. When the seats are moved out, it transforms into a tiered auditorium; when retracted, it provides expanded space. Opening the sliding window seamlessly extends the area into the lobby, catering to diverse event needs.

Level Up Your Health,


Located on the same level as the lobby and the PHILINNOVATOR hall, the professional gym FITNESS X seamlessly blends into the building's design, creating a sense of continuity. Equipped with high-end exercise equipment, employees can elevate their fitness levels at any time, day or night.

The Core of EXEM,
Server Room and Cloud Center.


The server room features double glass walls and integrated rack lighting, enhancing its high-tech ambiance. Adjacent to the server room, the cloud center serves as a versatile area for product demonstrations, equipped with a large screen and desk. Furthermore, it serves as a hub for top-notch technical support, enabling remote monitoring of customer systems for seamless operation and troubleshooting.

Data Forest,
A Walk in the Park.


Within the workspace, an indoor garden named 'Data Forest' was meticulously crafted. Blurring the line between the office and landscaping areas, it provides a seamless connection to nature. A winding path traverses the forest, simulating the experience of walking in a genuine outdoor natural environment. The garden incorporates indoor-friendly plants and stones, including moss and volcanic stones sourced from locations like Jeju Island, ensuring a lush, thriving atmosphere indoors.

An Objet in the Void:
Cloud Lounge.


The Cloud Lounge, designed as an observation point akin to an airport control tower, offers panoramic views of the expansive void. It stands as a focal point within this vast space, serving as a haven for employees to relax, work, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

‘EXCITE’, where
Thrills Meet Friendship!


The game zone named 'EXCITE' provides employees with an open space designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. Equipped with a suspended screen functioning as a noise absorber, it effectively blocks sound from adjacent meeting rooms while adding to the interior design aesthetics. Furthermore, the area features relaxation lounge and phone booth facilities, along with comfortable communication lounges on every floor, enhancing the overall well-being of our employees.

Savor Your Cup of Joe,


Our on-site cafe, where expert baristas craft delectable coffee, serves as a natural meeting place for employees from various floors, fostering connections and communication. The cafe's name, a clever blend of EXEM and ESPRESSO, was born from the creative minds of our employees.

‘Dining Garden’, A Culinary Oasis
Amidst Nature's Embrace.


We strategically located the in-house cafeteria on the top floor, enabling employees to dine under abundant, inviting natural light during lunch hours. The terrace features outdoor furniture for al fresco dining, while the gates can be opened to seamlessly connect the interior and exterior spaces, enhancing the overall dining experience.